Cat Loves To Play Peek-A-Boo With Her Owner

Published June 1, 2016 74,394 Views

Rumble / Cats & KittensCats are amazing animals and a blessing from God. Cats are solid, with adaptable bodies, brisk reflexes, well-sharpened claws, and teeth adjusted to capturing small prey. All cats are unique, they have their own likes and dislikes because their personalities are as diverse as the humans that love them (and the few that do not).

This adorable cat is unique indeed! She loves to play hide and seek with her owner and that makes this video so incredible and fun to be watched! Shade is a rescue kitty who is almost one year old and is definitely a fun fur-ball to hang around. Watch her engage in a hilarious game of peek-a-boo with her owners in this hilarious clip!

Owning a pet is an activity a lot of people enjoy! Cats are really fun creatures! They are smart, small and easy to maintain. You can keep them at home and have had lots of naps together, especially on rainy and cold days!

Also, a lot of people consider having a cat as a pet because they are very clean as pets! They are not sloppy and they clean themselves! Hence there is no doubt about the fact that cats can actually be excellent pets and their company is thoroughly enjoyable.

You don’t need to run after them or take them for a walk in the park every morning, you don’t need to tie them up in the yard and you never need to be bothered about their loudness, because let’s be honest they don’t care if there is a stranger in the yard, the only thing they care about is naps and food. And sometimes their owners!

All they do is to give you a loving and a relaxing time with their presence. This owner has his days filled with joy and happiness by spending time with Shade the black cat!

There aren’t enough words in the vocabulary to describe a cat. On one hand, they are adorable balls of fluff, able to express incredible amounts of love from such tiny creatures.

Cats are really smart creatures, but sometimes they can be a little bit silly and they always find a way to make us laugh, whether they are playing peek a boo with us or they find themselves in funny situations!

This funny cat gets stuck between two doors! She meows and calls her owner to come and rescue her, and when she finally does, this funny little cat finds her way out all by herself! Oh, what a joker she is! It looks like this little one almost made a practical joke, and I never thought that a cat could really do that! So incredibly funny!

Cats are really the silliest creatures ever! We can confirm that the range of incredible situations they can get themselves into is so wide and so unbelievable, that this video doesn’t come as such big surprise at first, but it turns out there’s a brilliant twist! Are you a cat lover?