Draymond Green Yanks Steven Adams to the Ground, Not Suspended by NBA

TheFumble Published May 31, 2016 3 Plays

Rumble / Entertainment Life - In his team's Game 7 victory to advance to the NBA Finals, Draymond Green ditched the kicking routine and moved on to judo. He hit his favorite target, Adams, with a DDT, grabbing the big Kiwi by the arm and tearing him down to the floor. Then, in classic Green fashion, played the victim. It seems as though the NBA has given Green a playoffs-long permission slip to do whatever he wants.


  • Aaron88, 2 years ago

    Fuck Green, he's a dirty player!

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  • LesaQ, 2 years ago

    Well, this decision was like 5 days ago.. You'll need to keep it up to date a bit more... Jesus..

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  • jules993, 2 years ago

    he should be suspended immediately!

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    • Nick85, 2 years ago

      that's for sure!

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