Giant Gator Walks Across Florida Golf Course Like On Runway

8 years ago

While preparing to chip their golf ball on to the green, a game of golf was interrupted by an alligator, casually strolling across the course. Footage shows two men filming the rude alligator who decided to show up uninvited and break up their party. The man who is filming the video can be heard saying ‘it is at least 15 feet long’ while slowly following his every move on the course. Check out this monster gator!

Nothing like a few good swings with the golf club to get your day started. But that's not what got the man behind the camera, Charles A Helms, excited. While enjoying a round of golf, Charles and his friend were being flagged down by other golfers who were pointing to this giant alligator on the third fairway. In this clip, filmed on May 25, 2016 in Palmetto, Florida, USA we see one gator intruder who breaks up the game of golf for two unfortunate men!

Everyone knows that alligators are dangerous, there are several different videos online to show how vicious their bite is. That is why everyone just let this monster of a reptile do its thing, flaunting its fashion on the golf course like walking down the runway, until it was a safe distance away, and golfers could finally continue their game.

The crazy thing was the sheer size of this beast. Alligators aren't obviously little guys, but no one would generally think that they are this big. It's crazy!

If you are ever in close quarters with an alligator, make sure not to panic, and slowly get out. Do not interact with these guys and don’t make any contact. The people in this video did the correct thing, they observed from a distance and didn’t disturb the monstrous creature. But oh my, that was a massive gator this is!

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