These Majestic Wild Horses Discover A New Friend

7 years ago

There’s a reason there are so many famous, old, beautiful paintings of horses. Actually, there are a lot of reasons. They are stunning creatures, these equestrian beasts. The power in their bodies, which tower above us, is unprecedented. Their long legs and muscular frames make them one of nature’s finest specimens. Horses have also been incredible human companions since, well, just about as early as the history books can take us. They’ve been a huge part of industry and travel, and they’ve even fought our wars for us.

This is an amazing video filmed in the field in Iceland by a man who found himself surrounded by furry friendly horses! How majestic is that? That is definitely something that you don't see every day! What an incredible sight! This man is approached from these beautiful horses which may lead to a great friendship in the future. It’s great way to see how the horses interact with the person behind the camera as it’s known that horses receive information from the body language and give feedback. They don’t think, they feel. We guess they felt a good vibe from this person.

Humans and other animals do share special bonds, and we already know that communication isn’t just about words. With the beautiful background, you can be sure that this is one of the prettiest moments ever to be experienced! Enjoy this heartwarming moment!

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