Marathon Challenge: 200 ounces of Vitamin Water (1.5 gallons)

Published May 28, 2016 0 Plays

Rumble / Social ExperimentsI'm getting ready to run a marathon this Summer. One of the most important things about running is staying hydrated. Freak Eaters stay hydrated by drinking gallons and gallons of liquid. So, today, we're going to see if I can drink 10 bottles of Vitamin Water Zero - totaling just over 1.5 gallons. It's all for FreakEating science. A feat of this size has never been done with Vitamin Water before.

1.75 gallons of Powerade Challenge:

OJ and Toothpaste Challenge:

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Music: "Clash Defiant"
Source: with a Creative Commons 3.0 attribution for use thanks to Kevin MacLeod.