6 years ago

Woman Stops Her Car In The Street To Rescue A Kitten From Traffic

Usually, when you see a driver stop their vehicle in the middle of a road, all you feel is disgust and probably some good, old-fashioned road rage. There can be nothing more selfish and reckless than a person who thinks that the world is their oyster and they own everything they see around them.

But one brave woman said “to hell with road rules" and stopped her car in the middle of a Russian road to help a poor, lost creature stay safe. The eagle-eyed Samaritan noticed a tiny kitten in the middle of the right lane on a street in Tula, Russia and didn’t think twice about stopping to provide aid.

The kitten can be seen on the dash cam footage in the far right lane, as a silver car out front notices the tiny creature and hastily drives around it. The minibus behind it also drives around the kitten slowly, while the woman waits patiently for traffic to slow down, so that she can dash towards the baby and pick it up. The owner of the footage made sure that she gets to the kitty safely.

It is people like these that bring faith back to humanity, because they are rare and tender souls. If the rest of us could strive to be just a little bit more like them, the world would become a much better place.

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