Eating At A Remote Temple Outside of Penang, Malaysia | Malaysian Food Treasures

Published May 26, 2016 1 Plays

Rumble / World TravelMalaysia has some of the best food in Asia. Whether Malaysian street food or hawker food, it's all top notch in Georgetown. I came to Penang to eat and decided to leave Georgetown and find something a little different. After eating Penang street food for a week, I wanted to eat more street food, but somewhere else. I had a local friend bring me to a little temple in Bukit Mertajam.

Right beside the temple, there was a a couple small hawker stalls serving fresh noodles. I was so excited! When I saw the stalls I just new that we had to eat there and that it was going to be a fun experience, right in front of the temple!

We ate Bee Teh Bak, a fat and short rice noodle soup served with lean pork and fatty ground pork. It was really simple and hearty.

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