Boxer Dog Struts His Crocs Like A True Fashionista

Published May 26, 2016 46,301 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesAsk whomever you want – when it comes to fashion, Crocs are like water to fire. They might be light and simple footwear, but every kid that has been seen wearing a pair of Crocs has yet to see the end of the teasing and bullying from his peers. Who even thought of making those hideous things? Was it a cobbler that went mad with age? Or someone with a demonic sense of humor and a massive fetish for ugly shoes?

What ever the public's opinion might be of the plastic clogs, Crocs are friggin amazing! They are anatomic, hold your foot nice and snug but don't sweat the feet and feel like you can run a marathon in them. Both young and old wear them, although sometimes maybe in secret.

This pooch, however, could not care less what you think about his footwear preference. When his owners put a pair of the slipper in front of him, the Boxer puts both his front paws in the shoes and goes trotting in style!

Watch how he shows off his favorite Crocs, clapping on the floor to the delight of those around him, us included! If he can wear his Crocs with pride, then so can we humans!