Skateboarding French Bulldog Shows Off Impressive Moves

7 years ago

Eric is a one-year-old French Bulldog who is unlike many other dogs. Check out his awesome skateboarding skills while at the Clissold Park bowl in East London. What's truly amazing is that he taught himself how to skate! Watch Eric the French Bulldog as he drops in, skates to the other side of the bowl and switches back around. Amazingly he taught himself how to skateboard!

A curious footage has emerged featuring a skateboarding dog crushing on his board! This adventurous dog has some serious talent! Unlike many dogs, Eric isn’t too fond of walks and it seems like his speedometer is set to a quicker pace. The funny thing is hem often gets angry with his skateboard and starts barking at it! Cuteness overload!

Tongue hanging out, slobber trailing from his maw, this adventurous dog gives a push with his hind legs, hops up onto his skateboard and begins to rock the skatepark. The wind in his hairs, he boosts his speed with several kicks and rolls down the hole in complete mastery of his board.

Watch how confident he is as he rocks the skatepark and lets gravity pull him up and down. When he catches enough speed, he quickly hops on with all four legs and enjoys his adventurous ride uphill and downhill with owner following his every move, training him to master the skateboarding skill. Amazingly, Eric is getting better and better!

The talented Bulldog often draws a crowd and makes sure to put on a performance. When his board flips over or rolls out of reach, Eric gallops after it, barking at the wheels for tossing him off board, until he takes off again. What a talent!

Have you ever witnessed a chubby dog riding on a moving board with such confidence! Fortunately for us, Eric is not the only one to share this kind of talent! Who needs walks when you can take rides!? In another heartwarming video we see another talented animal using a skateboard like a real pro! Check it out as this clever guy flawlessly skateboards with ease! Incredible!

Monkeys are very intelligent creatures and can be talented for so many different things! They can be trained to complete numerous tasks! However, some monkeys have different talents that others don’t. Overall he seems like a really happy monkey!

In this video, we see a nonchalant monkey riding his skateboard like humans do! He can probably skateboard better than most of us! Check him out as he cruises with ease, riding the skate like a real professional! That is awesome! This is one incredible video that you don’t want to miss!

This has to be one of the coolest monkeys ever! Who would have thought that a monkey could be so good at skateboarding? A lot of people cannot even skateboard so it is amazing that an adult monkey can do it so well and pass with flying colors! He is truly unique, the coolest monkey we have seen so far! Maybe one day this amazing monkey could teach us a thing or two!

Watch how casually this talented monkey strolls down the street, hanging on the board with wheels. He uses one hand to push himself off the street, and continues riding his fun-moving object! This monkey is too cool for school!

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