Guilty Toddler Blames Sister For Mess

alcowboysfan1Published: May 24, 2016Updated: May 25, 2016660,960 views
Published: May 24, 2016Updated: May 25, 2016

Little kids are so creative, you have to give it to them. We are not talking about crafts and playing and stuff, but when they get into some juicy mess and they are prepared to make up anything just to get away from trouble!

According to her mom, this 22-month-old little girl is always getting into something and always blaming everyone else for the mess. On this day she decides to get into her lotion and makes a giant mess everywhere.

Abigail managed to get her tiny toddler hands onto the tub of lotion, simply because it was nice and white and fluffy inside. So she took it to the living room, popped the lid open and dove into the silky stuff, wiping her hands on the coffee table and the leather couch, even managed to drop a blob of lotion on the floor. Thank goodness it was actually leather and not fabric.

So when mom found her, she confronted her about it. Mom is telling her that she made a big whooping mess and they will have to tell dad about it. It seems dad is her weak spot, so Abigail decided to defend her honor by doing what most toddlers would do in that situation. She blamed her sissy for it!

Poor kid, how can you stay mad at that clever head?

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