Baby Girl Makes Duck Face Everytime She Sees A Phone

7 years ago

Smart phones, social media and computers, technology in general, has certainly changed our lives, for better or for worse. Even if these tools are handy for connecting with people, they sure have taken their toll. Technology has also introduced a number of negative phenomena. One of which is the selfie, which comes along with the well-known duck face. Some people love it, other people hate it but you can’t deny that it is popular.

Parents have prepared this baby girl for social media because every time she sees a phone, she instantly makes a duck-face and poses in front of the camera. She is a quick learner! This adorable baby girl has already mastered the art of making the perfect duck face and isn't afraid to show off her skills. In fact, she can't help but make the duck face every time she sees a camera phone nearby!

In <a href="" target="_blank">the era of selfie</a>, we’re used to seeing people pose in front of cell phones, making the infamous “duck face." However, the last person you would expect to see making this pose is someone who’s not even old enough to grasp the idea of a selfie or <a href="" target="_blank">have its own smartphone</a>.

Adorable baby girl transits from cute to becoming an instant selfie master! It is unbelievably cute! Immediately after she is brought face-to-face with a cell phone, she knows exactly what to do and how to react. Her precious reaction is hilarious!

This video shows that the next generation of kids will almost instantly be dragged into “How to take the perfect selfie" tutorials, which may be taught, no doubt, by this adorable little girl!

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