Loving Grandson Visits His Grandpa in Hospital Before Prom

It’s that time of the year: Prom! For some teenagers, this moment and this night is very important in their lives. It’s a big part of their lives as they graduate from high school, they close one chapter and open another one towards a better future! That’s why families also cherish the prom night of their children as they want to be a big part of that night!

The video is a grandson and his loving relationship with his grandfather. His grandfather has never missed anything that his grandson has had from games to banquets. The grandfather is diabetic and just recently had a procedure related to his condition. With diabetes, it's a slow healing and requires him to stay in the hospital to avoid infection.

His family knew that he would still be in the hospital during his grandson prom and he would miss that special moment. All week he kept telling his wife that he knew he couldn't be there but he did not want her to miss it. As long as he got pictures he would be happy. What an amazing grandfather!

That's when his family decided they would make every effort to get his grandson to the hospital just to pop in and say hi. This video was filmed on May 14, 2016, Kindred Hospital Clear Lake, Webster, TX, USA It was a moment they will never forget and thankful this was caught on a video! These are priceless moments that will be cherish forever!

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