The Easiest Way To Test If A Battery Is Dead

Published May 23, 2016 160,360 Views $107.56 earned

Rumble / Life HacksHave you ever spent much time to swap batteries in and out to figure out which one of them have still power in it? Next time, just try a simple trick by dropping them on a hard surface to see if they stand pretty still or they bounce a bit. The one who stands still is the battery which is charged. Check out this amazingly simple trick!

If you have a bunch of batteries you want to test and you don’t have a voltmeter anywhere near, try this easy experiment to find out which battery is good and which is bad. Drop each battery vertically, with the negative end down, from a short distance onto a hard surface. The battery which is charged will make a solid bang and often will remain standing, while a wasted battery will make a muffled sound and bounce over.

An American electrical engineer has also tested this way of checking out which battery has power in it. He explained that in a good battery there is a gel-like substance in it, while in the bad battery this substance is solid. So that’s the reason why charged batteries stand still, and wasted batteries bounce. Many people have already tried this test and they have confirmed to be 100% correct. Unfortunately, it only works for alkaline batteries, don’t try it for lithium ion batteries.

Skip the battery tester and use this quick and easy way to test if your batteries are dead. It's almost too easy and it will help you to save the good ones and throw the bad batteries away!

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