Top 5 Chinese Foods You MUST Try | Best Food Of The Year!

thefoodrangerPublished: May 20, 2016Updated: May 23, 201614 views
Published: May 20, 2016Updated: May 23, 2016

Chinese food. Chinese street food. I love you. The cuisine I sampled in the last year living in China was unreal. I've combined my top 5 Chinese food picks into one video. I mostly eat Sichuan food, so there may be some bias, but believe me, the food I ate this year, whether Chinese street food or Chinese market food or eating at nice Chinese restaurants, I've narrowed down into 5 delicious picks for you!

The addresses will be updated on this video soon:

Number 5:
"On the paper fish" - 纸上烤鱼 "Zhi shang kaoyu"
This is a grilled fish "on the paper", so that there is no charring of any ingredients and all the flavours of the spicy and garlicky broth are soaked into the fish. You also order additional ingredients, like eggs, lotus root, tofu, potato, cilantro, and greens. I ate this one in Chengdu. It's a great Chengdu food to try.

Number 4 - Leshan duck - 甜皮鸭 "Tian pi ya"
This is the famous Leshan "sweet skinned duck". It's stewed in ginger, onions, sugar, salt, star anise, Sichuan peppercorn, cinnamon, fennel, cloves, and cardamom. It's super easy and this is one of my favourite ducks in all of China.

Number 3 - Firewood Chicken - 柴火鸡 "Chaihuoji"
This was truly a magical experience. A whole chicken is chopped up and put into a wok heated by wood fire. It's boiled in a wok full of Sichuan broad bean paste and dried chilies, making it super spicy, juicy, and salty. The wok is full of other vegetable ingredients that you personally order. I ordered potatoes to keep it classic. The best part of the whole meal is when they take a dough and place it on the side of the wok and put the lid over it, making these gooey and sticky and crispy on the outside. So satisfying. Another great Sichuan food to try in Chengdu.

Number 2 -Xinjiang food
Xinjiang food is a huge culinary world that I can't say I've fully sampled. But what I did try in Urumqi was amazing. I had a meal at a traditional Xinjiang restaurant that was 3 main Xinjiang foods: Pumpkin and Lamb steamed buns, Xinjiang Lamb Kebabs, and A lamb and onion and black pepper "rounang" stuffed bread.

Number 1 - Tibetan food- "Xizang cai"
I tried this food at the four girls mountain range in Western Sichuan. This meal was so so satisfying and really rich and heavy. It consisted of spicy yak meat, fresh local potatoes, fresh local first growth forest hand picked greens fried up in a wok with yak butter, fresh tibetan "butter tea", and blood sausage. Yet the best part of this meal was eating with the local people of the area. They were so welcoming and friendly and it really felt like a once in a lifetime experience to just sit down and chat with them in their little living room heated by a wood stove in the coldest part of the winter. What a try experience!

Was there something that you think I should have put in this list? What would you like to try most? What are your thoughts about this video? Leave me a comment below about anything, I love hearing from you!

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