Thousands of Bright Red Crabs On Newport Beach

ViralHogPublished: May 20, 20167 plays$0.01 earned
Published: May 20, 2016

Occurred on May 13, 2016 / Peninsula Point, Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach, Orange County, CA

Info From Licensor: "My wife and I took our dog to the beach near our home for his early morning walk. We immediately noticed the thousands of crabs lining the beach. They were still alive and wiggling around. Later that day, they had all expired and were starting to smell bad. Apparently the warm waters of "El Nino" brought them up from Mexico and Central America to the coasts of Southern California. The video was filmed with a Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone at 1080P HD 30 FPS." - Paul M. Bettini

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