How to make sweet bread

HungryElephantPublished: May 20, 2016158 views
Published: May 20, 2016

This is one delicious homemade sweet bread. This recipe is fairly straight forward and easy to make, you must follow the recipe exact though, otherwise it will be flat. You don't HAVE to braid it.. I did and used 3 strands..but it's an easier way of handling it otherwise it will become a MASSIVE loaf of bread. So here's my sweet bread dough recipe!

If you're wondering what is IN sweet bread? A LOT of sugar & butter. It seems pretty heavy but if you bake bread properly, you'll get a nice fluffy bread that doesn't take like a heart attack in a loaf.

Bread ingredients: sugar, milk, butter, yeast, water, eggs and flour. This is not gluten free!

How to bake bread: mix milk, butter and eggs into a pan, heat, bring to a boil and then cool.

In another bowl, mix yeast, water and sugar. leave for 15 minutes.

Beat 4 eggs.. Then mix ALL those ingredients with 7 cups of FLOUR (not the self-raising kind!!!)

Let the bread rise for 3 hours (minimum). Then form into braids. Leave the bread to rise again for another hour. Then bake at 350 until golden brown!

YUM! Enjoy!

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