Stubborn Dog Acts Like A Tick And Refuses To Leave The Lazy Bag

Published May 19, 2016 62,835 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesGetting out of bed in the mornings can be very hard, even for dogs! This stubborn dog will do whatever it takes to stay in bed, even when his owners try to take his bed away from under him! This pup has mastered the skill of sticking to his bed like a glue. Hilarious!

Usually people have difficulties getting out of bed early in the morning. Ever experienced those days when you feel like crawling back to bed, staying under the sheets and sleeping all day? Apparently it is not just humans who have those lazy days! Dogs have it too!

The dog in this video wants to stay in his lazy bag bed and nothing can get him out of his comfortable hub. It is hilarious how this adorable canine won’t let his owner pick him up, and holds tight onto the lazy bag while his human tries to pick it up and shake it off. This dog acts like a tick and isn’t that easy to get rid of. Adorable!

Watch how far he is willing to go when someone tries to remove him from his favorite cradle! Also, have you ever noticed how many dogs seem to do a couple of circles, clearly on some sort of mission, before settling on a spot to squat? Well, that is exactly what this pooch does when owner tries to take his bed away from him. He tries to regain the bag back by circling on top of it, getting more and more territorial every time the owner tries to snatch the comfy bag from him.

When a doggie spins around in circles before bedtime, he may be behaving in a way that is natural to him. Dogs in the wild often dig out their own resting spots. Once they're satisfied with their work, they may examine it several times over by walking around it in circles. If your pooch circles his bedding site before retiring for a nap or for the night, he is essentially just checking his digging work and making sure that he has a cozy and safe place to sleep.