Stapler Contains A Neat Trick

Published May 19, 2016 5,698,141 Views

Rumble / Magic TricksIsn't this a neat trick? Before watching this video, most of us probably didn't even know this was possible. A stapler has never been interesting before, we never think twice about it. We've used it multiple times before but have never looked at it that closely. Is there anything interesting about one? Yes! After watching this video, you can see that the metal plate on the stapler can actually be twisted in a circle! Cool! At first, the paper is stapled the normal way, we are used to this, we have stapled many papers in our lifetime.

Then we get to witness this neat trick! When the metal plate on the stapler is pushed, it rotates. Once its rotated 180 degrees, it looks just like the normal position, except its facing the complete opposite way! Now when you try and staple, the staple faces outward instead of inward. Cool! When the staple is put in outwards, it is much easier to remove. If you need a non permanent staple, this is a great trick you can use. Awesome! What a cool surprise this is!

How many people actually knew about this trick before watching the video? Let us know in the comment section down below!


  • M3talhead, 4 years ago

    Do people seriously not know about this??

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  • sick_boy26, 4 years ago

    What a crappy video!! Waste of time

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    • Nick85, 4 years ago

      i agree

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  • CFer, 4 years ago

    What the hell is magic here?!? o.O

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  • jordanrandomness, 3 years ago

    IT'S A SIGN!!! O.O

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  • Barbara88, 4 years ago

    Big shit!

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  • LoganStone, 4 years ago

    Holy shit ...

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  • nevenamarti85, 4 years ago

    This video is shit

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  • Petar97, 4 years ago

    fail video

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  • DaveCasado, 4 years ago

    Boring... :/

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  • adamabb, 4 years ago

    The clip is wider on the other side ? what? crap...

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  • Robertpeterson, 4 years ago

    nice :D

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  • vavexca, 4 years ago


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  • LesaQ, 4 years ago

    WOW, what a ''magic'' video... FUCK YOU!!!

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  • CUJOISGONE, 4 years ago


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