Mishka The Talking Husky Challenges Angry Drones

Published May 19, 2016 9,719 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesSiberian Huskies are just amazing dogs. This dog breed belongs to the Spitz genetic family and could be distinguished by its thick fur, perky, triangular ears, and typical markings. Their eyes can vary in colors from blue, green to brown. They are good family dogs, but like any other pet, they require a lot of training and care. Take a look at the sweet Siberian Husky Mishka who is challenging some angry drones, Star Wars style!

Many of you may remember Mishka, the adorable husky who said "I love you" to her owners and became an Internet hit. The dog is definitely trying to imitate the voice and tone that her owner pronounces and it sounds so incredibly cute.

It looks like Mishka, the Siberian Husky, has quite the skills to be tackling those angry drones in this amazingly done short video. Mishka’s name comes from the Russian word that means ‘Teddy Bear’. She is an intelligent dog that likes to please people and her owners have proved that through many videos.

This husky’s popularity boosted back in 2008 when a YouTube video of Mishka saying ‘I love you’ went viral with more than 100 million views. Since then, she has starred in one video commercial and appeared on many Tv Talk Shows too.

Mishka was born on June 16, 2002, but sadly, she has passed away on April 5, 2017. Mishka leaves behind her loving owners and her smaller sister Laika. The world will definitely miss her lovely "talking" skills and she will never be forgotten!


  • agatam, 4 years ago

    Smart dog :D

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  • Barbara88, 4 years ago

    Mishka sings again :D

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  • Aaron88, 4 years ago

    Hehe, cool video and a win for Mishka :D

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  • Melissa_James, 4 years ago

    Oh Mishka is baaaack

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  • TracyMorgan, 4 years ago

    Mishka is an internet legend!

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  • EthanHunter, 4 years ago

    I love this dog, she is so smart :)

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