Enter Noodle Heaven And Hell in Sichuan | Chinese Night Noodles in Chengdu, China

thefoodrangerPublished: May 19, 20168 views
Published: May 19, 2016

Chinese noodles at this local restaurant in downtown Chengdu were really delicious. I ordered two bowls of steaming noodles and experienced one super delicious bowl, and one unfortunate bowl that wasn't very good at all!

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Sichuan food is so delicious, and I've been living here in Chengdu for almost 2 years now, eating up as many delicious meals as I can. I love Sichuan noodles more than northern noodles mainly for the fact that they are spicier and more flavorful, with more Sichuan peppercorn, more chilies, and I always order "ganban" which is dry mix, leaving a nice portion of chili oil and garlic and chiles on the bottom of the bowl that you get to mix into the noodles so nicely, infusing that awesome flavour throughout the noodles. That's the meaning of life!!

This noodle restaurant serves mainly noodles but they also had BBQ, also known as Shaokao, which ia a popular Chinese street food I have tried before but had to decline to trying it again at this location, since last time I got sick. The shaokao has a lot of skewers of different meats and vegetables, even whole fish, that they throw over a grill and serve to you steaming hot. The Chinese barbecue is better at more cleaner places. Chengdu food is where life is at though, I recommend coming here to try out how delicious it is!


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