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thefoodrangerPublished: May 19, 20163 views
Published: May 19, 2016

Turkish food is known for epic meat! Istanbul food is famous for its kebabs, so I ordered a lot of meat and organs to go along with it. The testicles were really juicy and actually quite enjoyable! Please like: www.facebook.com/foodrangin

My Turkish buddy brought me to this famous restaurant in Istanbul, ADANA OCAKBAŞI, if you're looking for good Turkish food in Istanbul, traveling in turkey and looking for something good to eat, come here to eat the best Turkish cuisine!

After arriving to the restaurant at 4pm (we had to arrive super early because they are so busy after 5:00 that you have to book two weeks in advance), we sat down and ordered all of the must try items on the grill. Adana Kebap, Liver, Kidney, Testicle, Heart, and a lot of Mezze's (side dishes).

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    sounds good like to try