Rescue Dog Hilariously Pats Owner’s Shoulder To Get A Bite Of His Food

7 years ago

A funny footage has emerged of a rescue dog nagging owner to share a bite of his food by gently tapping him on the shoulder! Adorable!

This dog was rescued by the Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) team and is now living a good life. Watch as he gives owner a little reminder that he would like to share his treat in an extremely humorous way! It's amazing how dogs manage to find different ways to get whatever they want in the most adorable manner!

When a dog is taken into a family, it becomes part of the family. Even though it is human food, this dog wants to join the family during dinner and have a bite of their mea. This adorable pooch was feeling like he should be eating the same food as the rest of his human family so he decided to beg for it in the most adorable way! Although the food was cooked for the humans, he didn’t hesitate to let owners know that he wants in on it as well. Hilarious!

This precious rescue dog has come up with an ingenious way to ask for his favorite treat- a chicken wing! Namely, every time he wants to be pampered with human food, he stands next to the owner while he is having his meal, and adorably pats him on the shoulder!

Watching this nagging dog constantly tapping owner’s shoulder with his paw, asking to get a bite of his food, has brightened our day! This is the most adorable way a pet can beg for food! Have you ever seen a doggy beg for food like this?

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