Turkish Street Food and High Class Dumplings in Istanbul

thefoodrangerPublished: May 17, 2016Updated: May 18, 201618 views
Published: May 17, 2016Updated: May 18, 2016

Turkish cuisine is delicious! Turkish Street Food was so delicious in Istanbul, I couldn't stop eating! I ate Turkish dumplings (Manti) and then stuffed orange mussels with herbed rice and currants and pine nuts (Midye dolma). Please like: www.facebook.com/foodrangin

In Istanbul, I tried many street foods and cuisines. Turkish cuisine brought me a lot of joy during my 3 week stay, so I decided to first film these dumplings alongside the stuffed mussels. BEAUTIFUL!

I went to both locations with my local friend who also filmed the entire eating process and gave the recommendations about where to eat this delicious Turkish cuisine.

The first location was at Bodrum Manti Cafe, eating traditional antolian dumplings.
Address: Arnavutköy 1. Cadde No.111, (0212) 263 29 18

And the second location was near Ortakoy market!

After eating the dumplings, I was pretty full, but needed to eat some street food, so we went for Midye Dolma, beautiful stuffed mussels that can be found on many street corners in Istanbul.

This doner kebab is a classic Turkish Food, a favourite of Istanbul locals. There is so many istanbul foods to try, but this one was one of my first. It was juicy and dripping red juice as the chef cut away layer after layer of heavenly lamb. You can find this as a turkish street food on the corners or you can have it at high class restaurants overlooking the city. I went for the middleground, and went to an average place that was recommended by a local friend.

In actuality, he told me that he has had better doner, but we had to settle for this one because the place with the best doner was closed for ramadan. As my first try of doner kebab and one of my first tries of Istanbul food, I was really happy with the outcome. Juicy, nice lamb flavour, just the right amount of fat, a little crunchy from pickles, and a good amount of mayo to give it that nice extra kick. BOOM!

The only complaint I had was the wrap was a little too much bread, I like a full mouthful of meat and less bread, but this had like half and half.

This restaurant was in besiktas. The famous place for doner that we wanted to go was here:

Karadeniz Pide ve Döner, Beşiktaş Merkez

This place was right across the street from it.

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