Narcissistic Dog Flashes Teeth At The Camera For A Selfie

8 years ago

What can be better than a picture of a dog? Why, it is a selfie with a dog, of course! Our dogs learn most of what they know by watching and mimicking us, their owners. They can distinguish between what is good and bad by the way we react to it. So it is only normal that a dog can recognize taking a selfie as a fun activity, because they see their owners smile and have a good time.

So look out world, because there's a new master of selfies and he's quite the charmer! This adorable dog absolutely loves to take pictures with his owner, especially selfies! When the camera is poised and ready, he reveals a glamorous smile that could rival that of any celebrity.

Learning these “tricks" helps the dogs feel like part of the pack, so they can learn how to sit at the table and “fold" their paws when the rest of the family says grace. That is the same way dogs learn tricks and commands; they know that it pleases their owners, which in turn bring food and treats!

This is something you don't see every day! A dog smiling for the camera? That is simply precious and unbelievable. We often have trouble when we want to take that perfect photo with our dear furry friend. They usually look the other way, or they move or they simply wander off! It can be really hard to take that photo.This lucky lady doesn’t have that problem.

In another video, we witness the hilarious moment when a happy pooch looks at the camera, showing them pearly whites for the perfect selfie with owner. This man’s furry friend is taking all the spotlight. We can't believe it! Such a precious moment! We are definitely happy it was not only photographed but also recorded. This adorable little dog has a bright future in modeling, that is for sure! He is a natural, don't you agree? And also super cute! The camera sure loves him, and so do we!

If you have not checked your watch and calendar, we will drop you a little secret – times have changed. Modern times call for some pretty amazing modern dogs with a developed sense of self, a charismatic personality and a brilliantly hilarious way to show it.

Another goofy four legged friend is repeatedly called by the owners in front of the camera to show exactly that modern zest. Every time they call him to perform, he just raises his cute fluffy head, flashes the camera with the puppy look trademark for its kind and shines us a smile that would both melt your heart and give you the giggles. Cuteness overload!

He certainly knows how to make most and steal the limelight in the mock photo shoot. Each time he hears his owners’ ‘Smile for the Camera’, he assumes position and flawlessly goes through his entire performance. And what is most heartwarming - he gets more and more convincing at every new attempt, bringing his owners, most definitely us, and we sincerely hope – you to tears!

Got a human-behaving canine of your own? We invite you to upload it here so that the whole world can see your clever companion!

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