Black Labrador Hides Under The Bed When It’s Bathing Time

8 years ago

Bathing is an absolute joy for most Labradors. Some of them are bathed every week, while others are almost never bathed. Some owners tend to bathe their Labs when they get a bit smelly, or if they have rolled in something unpleasant. But truth be told, every Labrador has a huge enthusiasm for visiting stinky places and playing with what they’re not supposed to. These dogs take a delight in rolling in disgusting "treasures" that they stumble upon during their daily walks.

Bathing your Lab with a garden hose is sometimes sufficient to get rid of the dirt, however you need to bathe the dog in order to make him smell nice again. These cute black “cushions” adore mud, so finding some and rolling in it, especially if you have just bathed them, means tons of fun for them.

Unfortunately, there are some dogs that don’t want to be bathed, and just by hearing the word “bath” their hair bristles. Jackson is one of this buddies that either is afraid of bathing, either is disgusted by the bubbles of shampoo. No one will ever know. But one thing is for sure, he knows that his owner can't make him take a bath if he's hiding under the bed! And that’s what he does.

"Jackson, are you ready for your bath?" Next, you see little Jackson hiding under the bed like something "scary" was just mentioned to him. But when he hears "Wanna go for a walk?" he bolts out from under the bed, wagging his tail and smiling to his owner.

What a cute clown. Obviously his human can play this with him all day long. Poor Jackson...

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