6 reasons why humans should stay grounded

AFV Published May 17, 2016 304 Plays

Rumble / CompilationsEvery kid wishes that they could fly at one point in time or another, but these 6 people and their mishaps with gravity go to show that we humans are better off planted firmly on the ground. These 6 epic jump fails will make you glad that humans don't fly.


  • Christina, 3 years ago

    Haha, you just made my day!:D

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    • Nick85, 3 years ago

      mine too :)

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      • Leticia21, 3 years ago

        hahahahha, can't stop laughing :)

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  • Jessy94, 3 years ago

    I didnt make me glad that humans cant fly, i wanna fly :((

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  • DaveCasado, 3 years ago

    Nice compilation!

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  • Melissa_James, 3 years ago

    Did you really want to use the word "humans" in the title?

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    • TracyMorgan, 3 years ago

      Noticed the same thing...

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