Dirty and Delicious Streetside Meals And Snacks | Sichuan, China

thefoodrangerPublished: May 17, 20165 views
Published: May 17, 2016

Eating local street food and street meals in China is always a bit risky. If you find a good place thats dirty and hygienic at the same time, you've struck gold. This place was just that, dirty on the outside, but woks frying so hot that you're guaranteed an awesome meal.

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We ordered all the classic Sichuan food's, Mapo tofu, La zi ji (deep fried chicken with deep fried red and green chilies), A super delicious Sichuan broadbean paste river carp (WOW!), Zhe er gen (it's a root eaten here that actually tastes a bit fishy and spicy at the same time, not bad if you like strange and strong flavours), pigs foot, fried eggs and tomatoes, and century eggs in a chili oil.

This restaurant was found near 一环路南一段, give that address to a taxi driver and you will find it!

After this amazing meal, we went for a dessert of "lamb steaks", super juicy and a strong cumin flavour, just amazing! I fell in love at the first bite, really!

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