Dan Dan Noodles and Stinky Tofu With a Local Girl in Chengdu

thefoodranger Published May 17, 2016 0 Plays

Rumble / World TravelJinli street features some of Chengdu's most famous street foods. We came to shoot the Sichuan foods that tourists eat, and let me tell you, the food wasn't bad (not quite as amazing as some other lesser known places, but still good), in particular, the stinky tofu was pretty nice.

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My good friend Chuchu came along for the eating experience. We sampled 6 snacks on the street. The Dan dan noodles were OK, but the stinky tofu ended up being quite nice, apart from the slight slight stench that it gave off, it was very satisfying, mostly from the garlic chili sauce it was soaked in.

We also sampled Yi Gen Mian (One noodle) , which was basically a really long noodle with a knot in the end in a classic spicy beef noodle soup broth with lots of cilantro.

All the snacks were delicious. The San Da Pao (three cannons) glutinous rice balls soaked in red sugar were nice too, and very fun to watch being made.

All in all, the Sichuan foods found here at Jinli street were fun to try and fun to film. I would recommend coming here if you are on a short trip to Chengdu and want to experience some quick street snacks without having to source out every single location. Everything was mostly pretty good. The best part about Jinli is the atmosphere and the fun of walking through a rebuilt old street with a classic China feel.

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