Accident Logan Motorway

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Published: May 16, 2016

Occurred on April 3, 2016 / Logan Motorway, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Info From Licensor: "This is why I need a decent Dashcam, footage is from a cheap eBay camera. Heading East on the Logan Motorway and just after passing the Forrest Lake exit, I saw what looked to be a tire exploding on the truck in the right lane which snapped a twist lock extension throwing it onto the road and directly into the path of a motorbike. It is possible that the twist lock extension snapped first causing the tire to explode, but that is for the police investigation to decide.

Thankfully, the rider was ok mostly due to a lot of luck and by wearing all the correct gear. His wife who was on her own bike behind him was shaken but ok. He had a big bruise on his neck and his left leg was hurt (unknown if it was broken). The bike was not insured.

The truck driver did stop (not that we could see at the time) further down the road and was waiting for police; it was too far and unsafe (not due to what happened) for the driver to walk back to the scene.

I initially thought it was the motorbike tire that blew out & did not see the twist lock extension fall from the truck, until it was pointed out by other witnesses who stated that the extension fell off the truck who were much closer than us in the line of traffic.

There were two off duty nurses on the scene & once emergency services arrived, I did not stay too long as I had my wife and 10-month old daughter in the car. Be safe out there anything can happen." - David Hitchener

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