Puppy, Kitten And Baby Preciously Cuddle Together

8 years ago

If you are one of those people who think that pets aren't supposed to be around babies, then you are about to be convinced otherwise! Pebbles the Ragdoll kitten, Nelda the 8-month-old Labrador, and 6-week-old baby Elsarose all share in a priceless moment!

This footage is so friggin' adorable, you might have to remind yourself to breathe! A cat, a dog and one month-and-a-half baby have the sweetest supervised photo-op you can ever imagine! You might think that bringing a baby home to your pets can be stressful for them and sometimes you might just turn out to be right. But these two have embraced the latest addition to the family like champs, so we can all sigh with relief.

The way the three are arranged looks positively picture purrfect!

These are proof enough that pets can be just perfect around babies, so do not be alarmed when you find out that you are expecting and are not sure whether your cat or dog will accept the little one. Be sure to let them acknowledge the fact that a baby is on the way (animals can sense it) and that they will not feel even the slightest bit of lack of affection and attention from you! After that, you will have the best babysitter in the world!

Letting you child grow up with a pet is a gift that just keeps on giving. Kids can learn so much from their pet companion, most often it is things that no one else can teach them; lessons like fair play, unconditional love and unconditional trust. So it should come as no surprise that this little girl was able to walk her two canine buddies with out a care in the world. Good job!

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