Down And Dirty Local Food In Sichuan

thefoodrangerPublished: May 15, 2016Updated: May 16, 201614 views
Published: May 15, 2016Updated: May 16, 2016

This dirty "fly restaurant" (where flies can be found buzzing yet food is delicious) is the most famous fly restaurant in Chengdu. All the locals know this place as the true representation of "fly restaurant". Please like:

This video was filmed with my buddy Christian from Street Food International, you can check out his channel here:

A fly restaurant is one that is not very clean, but the food is delicious. While the surroundings may not be very well kept, the food is prepared by expert chefs and the flavours are awesome. This Sichuan food is some of the best I've had so far.

The pig brain was actually pretty good! I've had pig brain a few times before and this version was prepared in a way that took away that gross factor and just gave it a nice, mushy, melt in your mouth, spice explosion that was also fragrant at the same time. Not too bad. Apart from that we ordered a massive carp simmering in thousands of chiles and sichuan peppercorns, a pork leg in a salty gravy, and these awesome red sugar puffy buns. So tasty!

Sichuan food is definitely some of the best in China, and if you're in Chengdu and looking for a real local place with delicious food, you need to come to Ming Ting, here is the address:


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