Chinese Street Food and Snacks | Sichuan Salted Duck and Local Specialties

thefoodranger Published May 15, 2016 0 Plays

Rumble / World TravelChinese Street Food is not always served from street vendors, sometimes, it's found in family run shops in ancient alleyways that have been there for generations. Kind of like take out Chinese street food. Pleas like:

This duck is commonly found on the street, hanging on long bamboo poles throughout Sichuan. I was super lucky to be able to try it from a family run joint that has been making this duck for generations! The local snacks that I tried afterwards were just mind blowing, especially the cold chicken sliver noodles.

I had to leave Chengdu to find this local duck, in Pengzhou, where street food is plenty and ducks like this can be found all throughout the city, whether in family run shops like this, or hanging over the sidewalk ready to be served.

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