Chongqing Street Food With Locals | Sweet Potato Noodles

thefoodrangerPublished: May 15, 2016Updated: May 16, 201625 views
Published: May 15, 2016Updated: May 16, 2016

Chinese food is awesome! In Chongqing, you can find Chinese street food and all sorts of local specialties everywhere you go. These noodles were found in a tourist area yet had very local taste!
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I was planning a trip to Chongqing for only one day, and did not intend on making a video, but just try all of the food as my time would be too limited. However, after sitting down in an alley to eat some street food; noodles, there were two girls beside me also eating the same noodles. I asked them if they always eat these and if they liked them, and then we started talking. It turned out that they had the whole day to explore and wanted to show me around. After a few hours traveling around with them, they told me that they both study videography and broadcasting in school, and then I mentioned my hobby of eating food and making videos. They were more than happy to help me out with this quick video before I caught my train that evening at 7:00.

If you visit Chongqing, you must see this little ancient town, known as little Chongqing, or as Ciqikou porcelain village. An ancient porcelain production spot, market town, and port. Now it is well preserved and has a lot of local specialty snacks. You can reach Ciqikou village very easy by taking subway line 1 and getting off at ciqikou station, it's that easy!

Chongqing is famous for it's hot pot and street food. There are so many things to try, and in my one day there, I can only say that I barely touched the surface. These suanlafen noodles were on the top of my list of food to try in Chongqing, as all my friends told me it was the most important thing to eat in Chongqing. The broth was sour, spicy, pungent, and the noodles were squishy, almost gooey, combined with the crunchiness of the soy beans and the tenderness of the big chunks of beef. What a nice meal!

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