Chinese New Year: The Feast of Feasts | Eating With Locals in Sichuan!

thefoodrangerPublished: May 14, 2016Updated: May 16, 201613 views
Published: May 14, 2016Updated: May 16, 2016

Chinese New Year is the one time of the year when it is mandatory for family to get together, feast, and enjoy. Join me as I feast with a local family in Chengdu and enjoy all the foods and traditions that this time of year has to offer. Sichuan food at Chinese new year was mindblowing!

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We ate over 23 dishes, all of which were extremely delicious and addictive! As the year of the horse comes to an end, and the year of the sheep begins, hundreds of millions of Chinese travel home to spend the Lunar New Year holiday with their families in the world's biggest annual migration. This is witnessed across China in busy train stations and bus terminals. I decided to stay in Chengdu for the new year, and to my happiness, the city emptied and the skies turned blue.

I was invited to eat a feast with some Chengdu locals and couldn't be happier! This was a perfect time to experience the true Chinese New Year tradition. We ate over 23 dishes, most of which had Szechuan flavours infused, spicy, numbing, oily, and so satisfying. The family that invited me was so friendly and inviting, this experience couldn't be better.

After feasting and filling ourselves to the point of barely being able to walk (well maybe that was just me), we went back to their home and watched the Chinese New Years Eve Gala on CCTV1, waiting for midnight to strike. At midnight, we went outside and witnessed hundreds of people lighting fireworks and firecrackers. We had to take part too!

All in all, this Chinese New Year experience was amazing beyond belief, mostly because of the amount of food that we ate, and the chance to eat with locals in Chengdu was just too good.

Thank you so much for watching my food and travel videos!

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