Charles Barkley Can't Spell, Shaq Thinks It's Hilarious

TheFumble Published May 12, 2016 218 Plays

Rumble / Entertainment LifeCharles Barkley is gift that keeps on giving. Last night on TNT when describing the Thunder he said they would come down to WTF - "What the hell." Shaq and the rest of the panel just erupted in laughter and Barkley seemed confused as to why. They corrected him thinking he didn't understand the acronym.


  • nikolaqux, 3 years ago

    Ahahahhah crazy legends

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  • Sebastian33, 3 years ago

    Sir Charles Barkley in his element :)

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  • LesaQ, 3 years ago

    Barkley is crazy even off the court...

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  • Leticia21, 3 years ago

    Sir Charles again in the mood :D

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