PA Bear "Run in"

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Published: May 11, 2016

Info From Licensor: "I missed the sign when I sat down to turkey hunt this morning at the bear exit on the nature hwy.
It was a Saturday like any other until I almost got run over by a bear. HAHA. I was out turkey hunting in Centre County PA. Things were going well. We heard gobblers while walking up in and were able to get set up and started calling. I had set up my two turkey decoys and my GoPro camera and sat down along a large log and started calling. It was not long before I heard movement in the leaves just down over the ridge that I was set up on and turned to see what was coming. I saw black movement, and hoping to see turkeys, I was startled as I realized a very good-sized black bear head was what I was seeing, just 20 yards away. I quickly froze and wondered what my next move should be. I quickly noticed that it did not have any cubs with it. Knowing that I didn't have to worry about it being a sow with newly born cubs with her, I knew I was in the clear and did not have to worry about "mama" getting upset if she noticed me. Being a news videographer for NBC during the week, I quickly noticed a great opportunity get some video. I quickly switched my iPhone from my GoPro that I was messing with to video and started rolling. I was feeling great, getting some great video and then he stopped. I never expected him to spook from the decoys, let alone come blazing by me just 6 feet away. Needless to say, I was shocked by his reaction of the decoys. For a brief moment I was not sure what to do, but hoping that he would not notice me, I did what I always do behind the camera, followed the action. We did continue to hunt the rest of the morning and I was able to call a Tom in and saw him briefly but as Turkeys often do, he picked up on something and would not close the last 10 yards of distance and give me the opportunity of a shot."
Location: Centre County, PA, USA

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