Adorable Twins Struggle With Simultaneous Hiccup Reflexes

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Published: May 10, 2016

These adorable twins share everything, including hiccups! When one baby starts hiccuping the other catches on! These adorable baby girls pass the hiccups back and forth to each other in a never-ending circle! This is one adorable event that you have to see for yourself!

Did you know that even babies can have hiccups? And have you ever wondered what causes this both mysterious and annoying function in our bodies? Experts say that hiccups can be triggered by many different things, such as eating too much or too quickly, drinking fizzy drinks or smoking. Sometimes you can get hiccups just because you are excited, stressed or frightened. How weird it that? Anyway, no matter what causes them, hiccups are never fun.

However, if twin babies have hiccups at the same time, that sure can qualify as adorable. If you don’t believe us, you have to watch this video! We are not sure what caused these two sweet little girls’ hiccup fits, but we can sure rule out smoking and fizzy drinks. However, the way they hiccup in turns while laying next to each other is too cute to handle! If you close your eyes they almost sound like two squeaky toys.

Have you seen a baby that has the hiccups? We are convinced that there can be nothing cuter! Since they are so young, they are completely confused when the bout of hiccups comes. Where does this thing come from? What is that sound? They can be absolutely hilarious!

These two little princesses look like they are handling their hiccups pretty well though.They are so tiny and look so adorable jumping with hiccups in their fluffy pink outfits! Cuteness overload!

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      reality69 · 1 year ago

      I bet they both pee and poop too