Clever Girl Reads A Bedtime Story To Her Puppy

8 years ago

Did you have a pet dog growing up? If not, we are deeply sorry; it has not been your fault. But those of us who were fortunate enough to grow up with a loyal canine companion know how deep the bond is and how they were always there for us when we need them most.

Childhood is a magical period of one’s life,m but it can also be very lonely and scary. Many kids struggle to make friends at school in the beginning, not to mention the changes they have to endure and the pressure. That is why having a best friend that always lends an ear to hear about what is troubling you is almost like having a sibling. Only they don’t complain as much.

That is exactly what this little girl has in that sweet pooch. Sure, she is too young to read anything, let alone an entire story, but seeing them both cuddled up, with her arm around the dog’s head, makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Aw!

They are already developing such a precious friendship. She wants to take care of the pup, just like mommy takes care of her and that is just the darndest thing! She even gives the dog sweet kisses on its forehead for good night.

Sierra had the same thought as well. She wanted to read Cinderella to her big pup Sebastian. But the dog has had enough of glass slippers for the time being, so he protests. Loudly!

It is the thought that counts after all.

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