[USA] Clifton Cop Brake Checks Motorist

ViralHogPublished: April 28, 2016Updated: April 29, 2016900 plays$2.40 earned
Published: April 28, 2016Updated: April 29, 2016

Occurred on March 18, 2016 / Clifton, NJ, USA

Info From Licensor:"I was just driving home like it was a normal day. I noticed the cop in front of me driving pretty slowly, but the speed limit of the road was 25 MPH, so I can't really complain. All of a sudden, this cop SLAMMED on his brakes, and I honestly though this cop was new or lost, or he might even have a problem with his car. For a split second when he initially applied to brakes, I didn't slam on mine, I was just thinking "oh this guy must be new," and then the next millisecond I realized he was slamming his brakes. Even when the officer got out of his vehicle, I still thought he had a problem with his car, which is why it took me a second to decrease the volume of my music. Once he started walking to me, then I started thinking "oh does he want something from me?" and then lowered my music and rolled down my window.

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