Sassy Flight Attendant ‘Spices Up’ Preflight Safety Demonstrations

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Published: April 26, 2016Updated: April 29, 2016

When flying from Atlanta to Springfield on a Delta Airlines flight that took place on February 17, 2014 in Atlanta, GA, USA passengers were up for a big surprise. Everyone boarded the plane very tired and cranky because there were a number of complications with the plane and everyone was waiting impatiently for the plane to take off.

That is when the cheerful flight attendant stepped in and decided to entertain the passengers by going through his pre-flight spiel with some comedic flare. His demonstration of the seat belt usage was very amusing. It is because almost everyone knows that part of the presentation and it somehow comes as an insult to every passengers' intelligence.

Luckily, this flight attendant found his own creative way to do his job and yet prevent passengers to die from boredom. As a result, he had the entire plane laughing by the time he was finished. Unfortunately they cancelled the flight moments later due to a mechanical problem that could not be fixed right away. So Delta put all the passengers up for the night and got them home the next morning. However, we can guarantee that this comedian's antics took the edge off most of the passengers' grumpiness.

Honestly, you never really focus on those flight attendants as they go through their traditional safety checks because those preflight safety demonstrations that tell you how to buckle and unbuckle your seatbelt are pretty boring. After all, you already know how to put on the seat belt, right? However, this sassy safety check performance had passengers on the flight laughing hard as he pointed at exit signs and showed how to use the life jacket.

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    CFer · 2 years ago

    Yeah.. Wish them all be like this dude... :)