Witness The Awesome Pulling Power Of Dodge Trucks

ViralHogPublished: August 24, 2015Updated: April 29, 201617,493 plays$38.73 earned
Published: August 24, 2015Updated: April 29, 2016

Let’s be honest, Dodge trucks look way more frightening than they really are. Sure, they have a lot of power and are great terrain vehicles, but they are far from decepticons.

This footage shows us that it’s important to have fun in life. In it we experience all of the pulling power of a Dodge truck, with a tiny bit of a twist. It all starts with the truck idling a bit on the side of a giant tree. The Dodge is attached to the tree with rope and the person filming this is ready to shoot some greatness. After everyone is warned to stay away from the tree, the truck then starts moving. It moves a tiny bit and stops, then it moves some more and some more, until the most hilarious situation happens.

The Dodge pulls at the tree trunk but when it starts to give way, we realize that the tree being pulled was, in fact, a small sapling potted in a plastic pot.. The Dodge carries on driving, dragging the tiny tree sapling behind it, along with the laugher from the people. This was one of the best pranks ever!

In life, it is really important to stop for a bit and have a laugh. What is life worth if we can not enjoy it thoroughly. We imagine that you were waiting to see some amazing car footages in proving the abnormal strength of this vehicle, but instead you received something more essential - a few minutes to better your mood today. Enjoy!

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