This Army Of Duck Squeaky Toys Is Out To Get Us

ViralHogPublished: August 30, 2015Updated: April 29, 2016104 plays$0.17 earned
Published: August 30, 2015Updated: April 29, 2016

You might think that there is nothing scary about a rubber kiddie toy, but you’re terribly wrong. Just listen to this video, and you’ll see why.

Rubber ducks are made to be kid friendly. There’s nothing sharp about them and they are great for your child’s motorics. But despite this, they produce the most awful sound ever. The squeaky sound that comes from their hollow bodies is incredibly annoying and it grates on everyone’s nerves. Unfortunately, it’s highly addictive for some infuriating people to press on the little duckies and mess with other people’s hearing. The person filming this footage must be the king of those people because he took this game to another level.

This is what he had to say in his defense: "Me and my girlfriend were at Biltema in Kristiansand and we see these ducks. To piss her off, I got the ducks to make this sound. Then I thought it would be great on video, as it turned out, it was :D”

Kevin Synnes was right on track, because this video quickly became viral. The duck army quickly gained its popularity on Vine and inspired him to create other duck army videos. As it turns out, pressing a container full of squeaky rubber ducks is really amusing to some people, we just hope that they were wearing ear muffs while doing it.

The footage was filmed in Biltema, Kristiansand, Norway on August 28, 2015.

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