Birthday Celebration Turns Into Surprise Pregnancy Announcementd

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Published: April 20, 2016Updated: April 28, 2016

The internet is full of surprise pregnancy announcement ideas, but sometimes the simplest approach turns out to be the best. While celebrating his 35th birthday with his wife at Red Robin, Kelly had absolutely no idea what kind of surprise he was in for, with the help of the restaurant employee, Kelly reads a special message written on his “birthday" dessert, his reaction is priceless!

It was on her husband’s birthday that this woman found out that she was expecting a baby and she couldn't wait to tell him, but waited long enough to call their local Red Robin and asked for a special <a href="" target="_blank">dessert plate</a> on the night they went out there to celebrate. She was really nervous because she forgot to arrange a way to let their server know that they were "that couple". Luckily, she got a chance when husband Kelly needed a bathroom break. That is when she stepped in and grabbed the manager to let him know that she was the one who had called and asked for the arrangement.

The server waited for Kelly to come back from the bathroom and take his seat before presenting him with the surprise dessert plate. This is sure one creative way for <a href="" target="_blank">pregnancy announcement</a>. Even though the plate reads “Thanks for knocking me up" this is a very romantic gesture, which left the father-to-be left for words.

It is funny how it took several reads for Kelly to finally get the massage, but when he finally did, his delight is evident. As soon as he realizes that he is going to be a father he puts on a big smile!

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