Curious Polar Bear Cub Experiences Snow For The First Time

Published April 27, 2016 725,121 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsA video has emerged featuring a polar bear cub being introduced to snow for the very first time. This tiny creature hasn’t had any previous experience with snow and he sure likes it!

Augo is a ten-week-old polar bear cub living at the Aalborg Zoo in Denmark. Watch as this adorable polar bear cub frolics in the snow and learns how to have a good time!

Footage shows momma bear and little cub playing in the snow. Frockling in the snow, the young polar bear cub is inspecting snow and he seems to like it. Watch as the chubby animal explores the white, frosty snow and goes rolling in it. Precious times!

One would think that polar bears are introduced to snow the moment they are born. A polar bear in the wild will be born into ice and snow and will have to struggle to survive the harsh arctic weather and the melting polar ice caps. However, polar bears who are born into captivity, usually have to wait before experiencing their natural habitat.

Watch the baby bear sitting and patting the snow while making a cute squawking noise. Obviously, this cutie pie enjoys the white stuff underneath his paws and it is love at first sight! How sweet!

This video of the fluffy animal frolicking in the powder melted our hearts away! The curious cub is seen holding on to a rock as it surveys the white wonderland before walking around to touch, feel and smell the snow and play with it. Watch as the cub gets familiarised with the outdoors and becomes a real polar bear.