Rescuers See What Is Wrapped Around Dog's Neck And Are Shocked

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    CFer · 25 weeks ago

    The one who did this to the dog should be tortured and killed at the end!

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    Lindalee · 19 weeks ago

    Thank you for rescuing and nursing poor Paris back to health! Too often an animal is thought of as just a disposable object, to be thrown out when someone tires of it and not a precious life that would love them unconditionally if given the chance. People who do this have no conscience and don't value life. I once answered an ad for a free tri-colored collie with papers. The house was lush, with everything a person could buy! I took this collie to the vet, not only was his chain collar imbedded in his skin under all that fur, but the vet removed 3 large masses of aluminum foil from his rectum. He was severely underweight, just skin and bones for a large dog. The children had told me that they kept him chained up in the basement and sometimes outside by the garbage cans on a 3 foot leash. When we arrived the children were throwing lit firecrackers at him. They said he was 6 yrs. old to get rid of him but he was 9. "Bounder" turned out to be extremely afraid of any loud noise and would run and frantically climb on me to be held while he trembled violently. He was inconsolable. No matter what I tried nothing helped. Unfortunately after a year, I had to give him up to hopefully go to an older, quiet living couple who were home all the time. I felt so helpless and sad for him. He deserved a better life than he had. I didn't want to let him go. I hope Paris finds his "forever" home. If I could I would take him in a heartbeat even though I am in Wisconsin, USA. I pray his special family will come soon. Bless you all. You are appreciated from halfway across the world.