"Quacking" cat compilation will leave you smiling!

pavelsutyrin Published April 25, 2016 16,851 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensListen along as this adorable little cat makes a serious of hilarious sounds for the camera. This funny feline is guaranteed to brighten your day!


  • nina_mistuki, 3 years ago

    He is so beautiful. Hugs!

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    • Christina, 3 years ago

      Yeah. Makes me wanna cat :D

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  • denise016, 3 years ago

    adorable little kitty

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    • Nica22, 3 years ago

      For sure... At the beginning of the clip, cat be like, leave me be man... :)

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  • paconano, 3 years ago

    oh my god

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