Skilled Pilot Touches Ground Mid-Flight With Stunt Plane Wing

FedericoPintoPublished: April 23, 2016Updated: April 25, 201696,007 views
Published: April 23, 2016Updated: April 25, 2016

Cockpit view from inside the plane of a member the "Hangar Del Cielo" aerobatic team features an incredibly dangerous stunt. After making an impressive cross and low pass with an oncoming airplane, this pilot flies so close to the ground that he is able to touch it with his left wing tip. Awesome!

Watch this incredible video as the pilot magnificently conducts a seemingly perfect low pass with his aerobatic plane to the delight of everyone in attendance. Look at how easy he makes it look to control a stunt plane! Who knew that planes like this could pull awesome stunts!

Footage shows a stunt plane flying so close to the ground only to get the plane wing to touch the ground in this incredible stunt, getting the audience to think that it is actually going to land at high speed! This really is one daring pilot! Not to mention that he made it look so easy! Who knows how many hours this skilled pilot put into this stunt to perfect it!

The internet is full of crazy stunts, some crazier than the others, but the most dangerous and insane ones of all always involve planes and touchdowns. There is just something about a vehicle that moves above the ground that has always intrigued and mesmerized the human! Maybe it is the fact that humans cannot fly that makes it all the more interesting. One crazy aerial stunt was pulled off in this clip that is worth the trouble!

The pilot of this plane pulls off an incredible low-flying plane stunt as he manages to touch the ground with one of the wings in a very particular way. He flew as close to the ground as possible and narrowed the aircraft so that its wing could touch the ground! Talk about insane! The pilot was very brave to even attempt to pull off a stunt like this as there was a very high risk of danger involved!

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