How To Create An Incredible Penny Table Top

7 years ago

ShabbyDIY updates the look of this old dining room table. They liked the large clawfoot legs so they decided to focus on the top. They show us how to create a penny table top using a durable product called glaze coat. The end result is simply amazing!

If you have about $35 dollars to spare and an old dining room table that needs upcycling, then this is the perfect Do It Yourself project for you!

Change your 35 dollars into all pennies and then spend a few extra dollars on some crystal epoxy resin. Make sure to get enough of the resin to cover the entire surface of the table; it might be a good idea to overestimate the amount you are going to need, just to be on the safe side.

Clear up the extra material on your old table and sand down any imperfections that may have appeared on the wood from age. Cut and nail down a round piece of plywood, enough to cover the entire top. Clean up the edges with some spare window blinds. Paint the top of the table a dark color and the bottom a light one. When the pain has dried, start laying out your pennies until you reach the center.

Mix the resin as per the instructions on the label and start pouring the liquid from the center out, letting it level itself out. Allow to cure for at least a day and reveal your new centerpiece! Good luck!

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