Crazy Lady On A Normal Sunday Afternoon

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Published: April 19, 2016

Occurred April 17, 2016 / Los Angels, CA, USA

Info From Licensor: "I park my car in a lot with 20 or so other cars with one in/out hole. Someone had parked their car in the driveway blocking any way out. Walking around the car I noticed a large lady about 20 feet away holding a door open. After asking her if it was her car she responded gruffly, "ONE SECOND!" Not moving I waited about 20-30 seconds before asking, "How long is a second to you?" That is when she went completely nuts in the first place. "I told your muthafuckin' ass one go-d-daamn second!" etc. Went back to my car for a minute or two and decided it was my day to shine. Granted it was a real world troll move but I walked up to her and stared while loudly exclaiming, "Move your car! Move your car!" The whole time I* am repeating this she is threatening to beat the shit out of me. Then I saw inside the building, down the hall, her kid that she was apparently dropping off. Switched my tone to, "You really are setting the BEST example for your kid, starting an argument with violence." Very sarcastic and dry. Then I yelled down the hall, "Hey kid, you know you have a terrible mother, right?!?" Immediately she went crazier, sprung at me, and smacked me with a happy meal she had in her hands. I just backed off, got out my phone, and began to call the cops. Now she's yelling about how she won because she beat me, a man, and I did nothing. Standing behind her car I finally got on the phone with the operator and she rushes to her car. She backs out so fast I have to jump on the back of the car, of course while switching to the video app and giving up on the police operator. The video starts as I am falling off of the back of her car." - Graham Herbster

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    Pax ยท 2 years ago

    Wow. There must have been one seriously desperate man to breed with that thing.