6 years ago

Chemical reaction brings dead fish back to life

You can be sure that this will make your skin crawl the first time you see it. Like a zombie apocalypse, these two dogfish appear to become fully alive well after they've been killed, skinned and gutted. How is this possible? Lemon, salt and tin foil react to create a charge which stimulates the nerves, making the dogfish "come back to life". Crazy!

Science has provided all of society with answers to millions of questions regarding almost anything that a mind can think about. This creepy reaction is still creepy in today's time. Imagine if that happened hundreds of years back. With no explanation, those people must have related phenomenons such as this to things like demons.

What would have you done in the heat of this moment? Would you have freaked out or thought that it was cool? Regardless, these skinned and gutted dogfish moving after they've been killed is at least a little creepy.

Check out this insane chemical reaction involving a dead fish!

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